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World's smallest mobile, know price and features

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These days, bigger phones are coming in the market but they are either heavy in weight or they have bigger size. Today, we are going to introduce you to a phone that is light in weight, and in the same size it is also the world's smallest phone. So let's tell you about this phone.

Name of this phone is Zanco Tiny T1 you can buy this phone online. If you talk about the price of this small phone, then the price of this phone in the indian market has been kept at Rs 2500.
The phone is small but it is equipped with strong features. Talking about its features, this phone has a 0.49-inch display and it supports the Chhotu variety mobile 2G network, besides 32 MB of internal storage with 32 MB RAM. In which a lot of contact numbers can be saved. Apart from these, calling and messaging can be done to anyone from this phone. If you are troubled by big and heavy mobiles, then this phone is for you. Go and buy.

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