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Not all momos are meant to be consumed, Mumbai Police’s creative warning against fatal game

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Moving over the Blue Whale challenge that had claimed lives of several teenagers across the globe last year, there is an all new ‘suicide’ game known as “The Momo Challenge”, which is trending on the social media.
The Mumbai Police issued a warning on Twitter against the fatal game, which challenges young people to communicate with an unknown number.
They posted a picture of a plate full of momos with one of them having an eerie doll face, which represents the momo challenge.
They wrote, How about interacting with us on the widely know #Dial100 than on unknown numbers, to beat the challengers in their own game!
The ‘Momo Challenge’ reportedly has already claimed the life of a 12-year old girl in Argentina.

What is Momo challenge?

A new horrifying internet challenge which is proving to be deadly for children and teens has per reports on the internet. The challenge reportedly started on facebook and it asks people to chat with strangers via an unknown number on Whatsapp. The user then is told to perform a series of extreme and dangerous tasks that are allegedly violent and may end up in suicides. They are also exposed to the threat of their online accounts being hacked.
Many believe it is a bait used by the criminals in order to steal data and extort people on the internet.

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