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My Window - Beautiful Poem

Two White Rod Pocket Curtains
In darkness absolute I sit,
Amidst thousands of waxy candles lit.
My heartbeat echoes here and ends,
Whispers emerge, strike and bend.
Tick-tock-tick the time rattles,
Sh-shh eternal silent battles.
Mournful breeze touching my skin,
A fish floating without a fin.
A reservoir of dreams, every day flood away,
Glee and grin Oh! A fantasy bay.
Cursed wealth of tears is all what I own,
I am a weed along a fertile crop sown.
I peep through my window of hopes lost,
Pristine air that blew once now stand as polluted frost
I wait for sunshine for this brightly lit place of no spark,
 its the window of an old age
home and here its all dark!!!

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