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IF I COULD - Beautiful Short Poem

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If I could,
I would change the past.
That first mistake,
I would make it the last.

Those pains and sorrows,
I would end them completely.
And from all those problems,
I would get me out neatly.

Tear of my enemies,
From my life’s book.
And pull my leg,
From all those wrong steps I took.

But then I realized,
It wouldn’t be no fun.
It would be so deficient,
Like no bullets in gun.

So then I thought,
Those mistakes were stepping stones.
And those pains and sorrows,
Were hardening my bones.

Related imageThose problems were trainings,
Training me for a test.
And my enemies were trainers,
Preparing me to be the best.

And now I feel,
It’s okay I couldn’t.
Because even if I could,
I wouldn’t.

                                                              Poem by – Anvil Mishra,
Sector 20, Panchkula

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