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Google plans to launch smart speaker with display to take on Amazon Echo show, Echo Spot

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There are a number of new gadgets Google is hoping to introduce this year. There are rumours of Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL, a new smartwatch, new Chromebooks. Now, you can add to the list a new smart speaker that is going to be part of the Google Home range. This smart speaker will come with a display and may help Google compete with the likes of Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show, notes a report.
It is expected that if Google goes ahead with the smart speaker plans, the Google Home with a screen can be launched at the Pixel launch event, which is likely to be in the first week of October this year.
According to Nikkei, Google has told its Taiwanese suppliers that they should be ready to ramp up the production of a smart speaker with a display because the company wants to counter the challenge from Amazon's Alexa powered devices. In a way, though, Google is again chasing Amazon here, just the way it is chasing Amazon in the regular smart speaker market. With Echo speakers earlier, Amazon took a lead in the market and then last year the company introduced speakers with screen and web cam that add to a host of new features to gadgets -- video chats for example -- to make them more useful.
"Google targets to ship some 3 million units for the first batch of the new model of smart speaker that comes with a screen," an industry source told Nikkei. "It's an aggressive plan."
In India, both Amazon and Google sell smart speakers, although only Amazon for now has a smart speaker with a screen. The Amazon Echo Spot was launched earlier this year in India at a price of Rs 12,999. We reviewed it earlier, and found it be a versatile gadget but expensive. Here is what we said in our review of the Amazon Echo Spot:
For most parts, Amazon Echo Spot is a decent speaker with a hefty price tag. Having said that, it indeed is a nice addition to Amazon's Echo family. I mean you can walk in the room and set the mood simply by asking Alexa to do so, and while I may not care to admit, but the screen is definitely a welcoming addition. It's good for a lot of things including playing music, ditching your phone for a while without having to worry about the alarm clock and for news-obsessed people like me, getting regular news updates. It can also be magical, for example when you ask it to "call dad" and you have a casual talk even as you go through your dirty laundry or sort out your study desk.
In India, Google sells Google Home and the Google Home Mini with the prices starting at Rs 4,000. The company also has a more expensive Google Home Max in the line-up but that speaker has not been launched in India yet.

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