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GATTU the crow was travelling far at sea on a ship. When he spotted land, he flew there and perched on a tree. The land in question was an island where no birds existed. When people living there saw Gattu and heard heard him cawing, they were startled. “What strange creature is this?” they wondered.

Since they had never seen a bird in their lives, much less a crow, they were easily impressed with him. They found his plumage glossy and his voice, powerful. They showed him attention and fed him all sorts of delicacies.

Then one day, a peacock named Saundarya flew over the island and landed on the ground. Gattu who was perched on a nearby tree, was enjoying the attention of his admirers. But when they noticed Saundarya, they were awestruck by his beauty and forgot all about Gattu.

From then on, Saundarya became the new centre of attraction and Gattu hardly got anything to eat. After being neglected thus for a couple of days, he flew away from the island, unnoticed by his former admirers, and was never seen again

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