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CALL OF THE VOID - English Poem

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If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I know a place that’s calling
As distant as the sea
Bereft of the weight of sorrow
And the breathlessness of glee
I have heard of such a place
And that place is calling me.
Over there no one remembers
All those things I used to be
They know not the hollow of despair
Nor the rush of ectasy
In its ash there are no embers
Of the remorse they never see
This place exists somewhere
And this place is calling me.

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There is no right and no wrong
In this place right by the sea
This is where all your demons go
When from your soul they flee
And you will not hear the angel’s song
For here they cease to be
Themselves; this place of pure freedom
Is the place that’s calling me.
This place makes me believe
In myself, so just in case you see
A place that has the spirit
And an air of liberty
Do tell e, for I need to leave
As fast as my feet can be
You see, I leave tomorrow
Will you still remember me?

Poem by – Raushni Kaura,

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